Derek Kemp
Authority on Branding and Internet Marketing Public Speaker,  Author, Mentor, Coach and Thought Provoker
Derek, I'd like to thank you sincerely for everything you have contributed to our financial wellbeing and our expanded knowledge about marketing and the internet. Without your mentoring I would have, by now, reached the conclusion that the internet and greeting cards were not compatible. Thanks to you I'm looking forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm. Lewis Short, Sydney, Australia
Derek Kemp Thought Provoker
Mentor, Coach & Thought Provoker
Senior Business Development Manager
Royal Air Force Electronics Engineer
o Online Marketer and Business Developer. o Authority on Product Development. o Authority on Project Management
o Pitney Bowes Inc, Fortune 500 Company. o Launched Computer based system across the Globe. o Major player in the transition from Electro Mechanical to Computer based systems.
o Senior Non Commissioned     Officer. o Served in action in Aden. o Defended our country during      the cold war. o Solved many complex     engineering problems.
Mentor Coach & Thought Provoker My Career To Date
Derek is a very experienced business coach who with a hands-on and no nonsense approach.  He keeps me accountable for all the actions I have agreed through a project plan.  Not only does he advise me on best practice but he also contributes his own valuable ideas to my work.  He is very good at keeping me focused and away from ‘shiny, new objects’ that often tempt me but don’t serve my business aims.  I know he is committed to my business success.  He is an excellent coach and mentor who has helped me to rapidly transform my business and I recommend him highly.   Ghazala Faizi, Edgeware, London, England
Parent and Grandparent.
Glider Pilot
Sports Enthusiast
o Flew Gliders across Europe        to the Alps. o Qualified for Bronze and        Silver C Certificates. o Over 300 hours Flying Time.
o Married for 44+ years. o Two sons and one daughter        in-law. o Two beautiful young        grandchildren.
o Play a mean game of Tennis. o Relish the challenge of Freshwater and Game Fishing. o Enjoy fighting the wind on my Catamaran
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