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Stress & Anxiety The debt vortex can have a major impact on your physical and mental health which is why we start by considering the impact of debt on your health.
Taking control Taking control is essential to avoid falling back into the vortex of debt, in this chapter you will learn how to take back control and move out of debt.
Growing Your Wealth Money management is a major step in escaping the vortex, in this chapter you will learn how to increase your wealth without having to work longer.
Where are you now Knowing where you are now is crucial as you learn to escape the vortex, in this chapter I will teach you how to evaluate your current status and prepare to escape.
Credit Card Vortex More and more people are being sucked into the credit card vortex. Banks encourage you to use your card to pay the bills even though they know you are already in debt. We will discuss ways to escape the Credit Card Vortex and cut your costs.
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More and more people are finding themselves in Debt, the challenge is for many how to stop being sucked further and further into debt, which is exactly why I wrote this book having experienced the debt vortex and then escaped its force. In this book you will learn the following: 
Debt Vortex Eliminator Debt Vortex Eliminator
Pay your way Learn how to pay your way and spend less time relying on cards and loans.
Where to find help There are various ways to get help in your quest to escape the Vortex, in this chapter I will share a range of organisations that will help.
Business Debt Vortex More and more businesses both large and small are falling into the Debt Vortex, in this chapter I share a range of ways to reverse this process and enable you to turn your business around.
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