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How the mind works In this book you will learn how the mind works and why it is essential information in Life.
How to Win more Looking to win more in life then this is the book for you, whether you play sport or are looking to improve your status in life, knowing how your mind works can make all the difference.
How to change Habits Do you want to get rid of a habit like smoking, drinking too much or taking drugs, or perhaps you want to lose weight and are struggling to do this. Well once you learn how to reprogram your mind and are prepared to follow the instructions you will find habits much easier to change.
How to change your Mind Set The term Mind Set can also be read as Programming your mind, learn what mind set is and how to change it for the better. Imagine knowing how to change the program running in your brain so that you achieve more of the things you want in life. Well in this book I will show you how to delete programs you don’t want and replace them with programs that allow you to achieve more.
Self-Talk and how to manage it Self-talk is the conversations you have in your head, you know those voices that tell you how hard it is to stop doing something or even that voice that puts you down by reminding you about the comments from a teacher or parent that hold you back. Knowing how the mind works will help you take back control and do those things you have always dreamed about.
The Mind Manual Learning how the mind works and then programming it to work better for you will make a significant difference. To secure a copy of this book all you need to do is click the book image below, pay £5 by card or PayPal and download the eBook today.
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Manual for Your Mind - Did you receive your mind manual when you were born, isn’t it amazing that when you buy something you get a manual, yet no one ever gave you a manual on how to get the best from your mind. Well now you can download your own copy of “How Your Mind Works” and start your journey to getting the very best from your mind.
How the Mind Works How the Mind Works
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