70 Years + on Earth and many more to come. Born in the Summer of 1947 in a Nursing Home in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Grew up in the Kentish Countryside in what is known as the Garden of England. Born to parents who ran a very succesful fruit farm for the farm owner. Started School at Barming Primary School, near Maidstone, Kent. then progressed to West Borough Secondary Modern, the name is not very inspiring, second seemed to be the expectation of some. I was clearly not destined to be an academic, as just before exam times, I chose to join the Royal Air Force as an Instrument & Electronics Engineer at the young age of 15. Over the next 15 years I learnt many different things, to be a very good engineer, be a professional, be reliable, take decisions, be smart, well presented and so much more. I had some great times in the RAF, travelled to other countries and even lived in Germany for 2.5 years. During this time I met and married Janet probably the best life decision I have made to date. As a team we produced two handsome, intelligent and determined Sons. I left the RAF in 1977 to join Pitney Bowes a Fortune 500 Company, first of all as an Engineer, then Engineering Manager, Product Developer, Business Manager and Senior Business Manager. During my time at Pitney Bowes I became very good at understanding the customer needs, turning this need into a specification and then converting the specification into a new product. In 1991, one of the recent recessions the Company decided to significantly reduce the middle Management cost, cutting out a huge amount of skill and experience. It gave me the chance to take a nice handshake and break away and determine my own destiny. Over the past 20+years I have studied subjects I really enjoy including the art of Personal Development and Internet Marketing to add to my previous Business Management and Engineering Skills. This included launching our own Personal Development Company called Life Path International, taking on the role of Managing Director, this led onto being a Director of TPN plc a Publishing Company based in Central London. In 1999 we relocated back to Kent to be closer to our aging parents. The first thing we did was to set my wife up in business and to continue to grow my own company KK Connections now in its 15th year. The growth of the Internet has enabled me to develop various online businesses, start up my own Mentoring and Coaching Program and launching my a range of online business with many more to come.
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Unlike other programmes I've been involved with in the past, I like Derek's approach of not only helping you to put in place plans for your successful business, but also actually making the time to have regular one to one meetings to track progress and ensure  that the individual benefits, not only  from my mentor, I am able to leverage expertise as a member of a bigger team. This can provide a massive boost to a newcomer like myself who needs extensive 'hand holding' initially to get started and avoid expensive  mistakes. Prashant Dave London
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