Mentor, Coach, Motivator & Thought Provoker. With so many years in business, having learnt so much about so many different things, means I have much to offer to anyone in business. Let us take a look at the definition of each of the functions I offer. Mentor, a wise and trusted councelor or teacher. Now I think if you are in business and reading this, you would like to think of having a wise and trusted councelor and teacher. This is exactly what I offer, the facility for you to discuss your business with a trusted, knowledgeable person. Someone you can bounce thoughts and ideas off, knowing you will get a professional response that will help you move your business forward in a more efficient manner. Coach, in sport a Coach is someone who gives direction, instruction and training designed to help the individual or team improve their overall ability. I prefer this description of what I offer over being a Mentor, there is nothing wrong with mentoring and I am very happy to do it. Over the years I have learnt the need for a Coach. Someone who can take a very close look at how you are doing things today and point out ways you can improve these techniques to gain more from your business. Motivator, I know it is almost impossible for me to motivate you, you need to motivate yourself. What I am able to do is work with you to explore what does motivate You. Once we have established what drives you, we can work together to create a plan that ensures you get the best result from each day. This maybe out sourcing work you really do not enjoy, refocussing your business so you are working in the areas which excite you, just to name a couple of options. There are many ways to implement change, on your own it is very hard to find the best solution. Thought Provoker - I think you would agree, the description is very much self explanatory. This is one of the areas I enjoy the most, running a business is very demanding for most people, there is often very little time to stop and think. We just get too busy doing to take a look at what we are doing. Just imagine if you had someone on the outside looking in, someone who has considerable experience of business, people and products and knows how the human mind works. What makes having me as your thought provoker is my ability to think outside the box. So many people in business run into brick walls on a regular basis, this usually means the business stops until an alternative direction is established. I like to challenge these situations and often come up with questions which allow an alternative strategy to be establish overcoming the problem and establishing a new path without the business stopping. If you see any benefits of having your own Mentor, Coach, Motivator and Thought Provoker please make contact with me to find out more.
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