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Born to Ron & Jean Kemp in 1947 in a Nursing home in Royal Tunbridge Wells, I am the youngest of two sons. My parents were very hard working people who were both very good at managing others as Farm Foreman and Lady. They spent many hours working and were well rewarded with a house, new cars, and holidays. I met my wife Janet some 40+ years ago across the table at a Christmas party. We married in 1969 and have spent many happy and loving years together. We have two fantastic sons called Martin and Robert. They both work very hard and having completed their Education and are now both committed to their futures. Nana looking after Liam during his second month on earth, doing what Nana’s do well Martin and his dear wife Cassandra have just produced their first child and our first Grandson. His name is Liam and at 7 weeks old clearly shows signs of being another great Kemp. A very proud Granddad with the future of the Kemp family. Robert & Carolyn with Ma & Pa. All the Kemp’s together in the USA.
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