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Steven Covey
Stephen Covey wrote the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” in it he wrote “Begin With The End In Mind” It is impossible to plan a journey without knowing your destination. Try going to the shop without knowing which shop you are going to. 
My Beliefs are what drive me forward Begin with the End in Mind. How many journeys have you started without knowing where you are going? So why do so many people start projects, businesses and even parts of their life without knowing where they are heading. Try booking a holiday without knowing where you would like to go, what you would like to do when you get there, how much you have to spend on Hotel, Food etc. I know people do start off in the travel agents without an end in mind, life is much easier if you have a clear destination and work towards it. Positive Mental Attitude. If you think it is possible, guess what, it is possible. If you think its not, guess what your mind will prove you right. It is what we think that makes the difference between Success and another outcome First let me tell you this, I think outside the box, thinking outside the box gives the potential to do new things every day. I like working with people who think for themselves. Why you may ask, because I believe people who think for themselves and take responsibility for themselves are the people who achieve the most for us all. If we rely on other people for our own Success we are unlikely to gain the real benefits of Success. It is much easier to be part of a team, than lead the team. I am a leader, I prefer to work with leaders, people determined to do what they need to do to achieve their own Success. Now this does not mean everyone is a leader, far from it. Even as a leader you need a good team of committed people to achieve Success. I believe everyone has achieved Success at sometime in their life and is capable of achieving more. The key is to determine what Success is for the individual and then help them work towards their chosen goal. This is definately a role I take, helping others create clear plans and then implement them to achieve the end result. I believe in truth, honesty, commitment, friendship and the freedom to live in harmony with others. The perfect solution for me is WIN WIN, this means both parties gain from any activity we jointly work on, this includes the amount of effort, commitment and reward achieved by both parties is equal at all times.
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Derek, I'd like to thank you sincerely for everything you have contributed to our financial wellbeing and our expanded knowledge about marketing and the internet. Without your mentoring I would have, by now, reached the conclusion that the internet and greeting cards were not compatible. Thanks to you I'm looking forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm. Lewis Short Sydney, Australia
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