My Interests are as follows: My Family - My wife is my life, I am determined to reward Janet for all the years she has supported me. I am proud of my sons, they deserve to have the best lives possible, I intend leaving them much more than I have ever had. My Grandson and Granddaughter are the future, I know their parents will do everything possible to help them be really special. My Work - Work is probably not the best word to use, destiny is a much better word. I believe my destiny is to make a difference to more and more people I come into contact with. I have learnt so much over my life to date, by sharing this knowledge with others, I intend to allow them to short cut some of the journey and gain more for them and their families during their lives. My Fun - Fun is what life should be, just imagine if everyone had fun every day, what a different world this would be. I have FUN every day through my work, sport, hobbies, travel just to name a few. My Sport - I play Tennis, I just love hitting a Tennis Ball and making it do something different, it is great to Win, but is also great to create shots which create the WOW factor. Now it is even better if I can play WOW shots and Win as well. I played a lot of Badminton, but since playing Tennis I have found it to more flexible and therefore more Fun. I enjoy Freshwater Fishing and fishing for Trout and Salmon. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best methods to catch bigger fish, coming up with new techniques is very satisfying, being outdoors in the countryside and observing life in the raw is a pleasure. Trout and Salmon fishing, especially fly fishing is an art, an art I intend mastering over the coming years. My Hobbies - As previously stated I love the outdoors, I love nature, I really enjoy gardening, preparing the ground, planting the seeds and seeing plants grow and produce their Fruit or Vegatables. Flowers are beautiful and I enjoy creating an abundance of colour for all to see. My outdoor desire means I like to sail, as I gain more free time I intend to enjoy battling the elements sailing my own Catamaran. My other outdoor hobby was Gliding, I plan to experience this incredible hobby again, having flown many enjoyable hours as a youngester. Travel - I have been very lucky in my life, I have travelled to every major continent in the world. Next time I travel to these places, I will take my wife and spend enough time to enjoy the sites and scenes and meet the local people in their own environment.
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Make a positive difference
My destiny is to make a positive difference, not just a difference to mine and my families lives. A positive difference to the lives of all I work with.
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"Seriously motivating session, I did not notice how time flew by". Xowi Mwimbi, Manchester   "No matter where you are at, Derek gives you what you need to build a strong online business". M.G. Thompson, Surrey.   "Good value for money, Derek takes time to explain things in a language which is easy to understand". Ethel Currie, London.
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