What makes me capable of doing what I do. Royal Air Force - Electrical & Electronics Engineer. - Instrument Fitter. - Team Manager. - Trouble Shooter. Pitney Bowes Inc. - Electronics Engineer.     - Elecronic Product Development Specialist.     - Electronic Product Development Manager.     - Electronic Product Business Manager.     - Shipping Systems Senior Business Manager. Entrepreneur - Personal Development Coach. - Trainer and Facilitator. - Managing Director Personal Development Company. - Director of my own Marketing and Publishing Company. - Business Mentor and Coach. The end result of all the above is the ability to offer the following skill set. - Experienced Electrical & Electronics Engineer. - Engineering trouble Shooter. - Product Development Expert. - Business Manager with experience as a Director of Limited Companies. - Significant experience of business world wide. - Trainer, Presenter, Manager, Mentor, Coach and Thought Provoker. - Positive Thinker. - Creative Imaginative Thinker. - Mature, Confident, Determined, Success Seeker.
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Help others for mutual benefit
My aim is to help others for mutual benefit. 
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Being guided and coached by Derek is giving me the confidence to keep going, the clarity to know where I am heading and the techniques to find ways around the barriers that I am encountering. Without this help I may have had a business but not the characteristics to make it successful. Sharon ASA Education Consultants Kent, UK
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