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Definition of Opportunity Any journey should start with a clear definition of what you want to achieve which is why this book starts with a clear definition of the term Opportunity. So many people fail to take opportunities when they present themselves. Make sure you are not one of them,
Recognising an Opportunity Spotting an opportunity when it comes along is not as easy as some might think, in this chapter you will learn how to spot the perfect opportunities for you.
Making sure the Opportunity is right for you Not all opportunities are right for you, in this chapter we discuss the process you need to take to ensure you choose the best opportunities for you when they come along.
How to capture Opportunities Finding the right opportunity is one thing, turning them into a benefit for you is another skill you need to learn.
Action to take Spotting an opportunity is one thing, taking the right action is something completely different, imagine looking back over your life so far and realising that you have missed one or more opportunities that could have made the difference if you had only taken action straight away.
How to find Opportunities Opportunities are everywhere; the secret is knowing where to look.
How to Make Opportunities Happen Finding and capturing opportunities is one thing, making them happen is what makes the whole process worthwhile. To secure a copy of this book all you need to do is click the book image below, pay £5 by card or PayPal and download the eBook today.
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Opportunities are everywhere, it is just a case of knowing what sort of Opportunity you are looking for and then knowing where to look and what action to take when you find them. I wrote this book based on a life time of searching, finding and taking action when I found an Opportunity that suited my needs. Below are the contents that turn Opportunities into the dreams we seek. If you are looking for an Opportunity this book is for You.
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